Safety Rules


  1. Wearing a balaclava and helmet throughout the ENTIRE karting session is mandatory.
  2. Driving a kart with loose and/or open-end shoes (such as sandals; flip-flops; high-heels shoes etc.) is strictly forbidden. Shoes with laces must be tied up obligatorily.
  3. During the session it is strictly forbidden to wear scarves, loosened and/or unbuttoned clothes or other accessories, which may imperil the health and safety. Such articles may fall onto the track or upon the surface of the kart.
  4. Driving a kart with loosened long hair is strictly forbidden (long hair must be diligently tied up and concealed underneath the balaclava).
  5. Driving a kart by people under the influence of alcoholic or narcotic substances and/or sedatives; by pregnant women or people suffering from myo-cardiac or coronary diseases and/or by people suffering from health problems in the area of neck, pelvis or spinal cord; by people, who have undergone surgical interventions within the last 3 months in the area of the locomotive and cognitive systems and so on, is strictly forbidden, owing to risk of health complications.
  6. During the session it is strictly forbidden to touch any details on the kart. Holding the steering wheel firmly with both hands is mandatory throughout the whole session.
  7. Participants are strictly forbidden (during the session or at stepping out of the kart) to touch the engine and the exhaust system (owing to jeopardy of serious burnt).
  8. Participants are obliged to strictly navigate their karts in the right direction of the track, without making infringements on the peripheral white line of the track, including infringements for gaining advantage purposes.
  9. During the session, abrupt change in trajectory as well as the direction of the motion with an eye to causing a collision and/or cutting other participants’ trajectories is strictly forbidden.
  10. Waiting for other karts on the track via stopping and/or drastical reduction in speed, is strictly forbidden.
  11. Stepping out of the kart during the session is strictly forbidden. In case of technical problems, the participant must stay in her/his kart with their left hand put up. A Karting track instructor will come to assist you
  12. In case of security rules violations, the perpetrator with have his/her further participation in the current session immediately suspended. In case of a second security rules violation, the access of the perpetrator to Karting Track will be permanently banned.
  13. Karting Track employees have the right to deny access to any participant on grounds of breaching the abovementioned security rules or/and on grounds of suspicions of alcoholic intoxication or use of sedatives or narcotic substances.

All participants are obliged to comply with flag signalization:
    • red flag – immediately stop on your current position (serious accident has happened).
    • yellow flag - danger; reduce speed; terminate all overtake actions.
    • black and white (checkered flag) – finish, reduce speed, terminate all overtake actions, finish your lap and enter into pitlane immediately and carefully (with speed not exceeding 3 km/h) and align your kart in the index spot, as shown to you by instructor.


  1. Spectators are categorically forbidden to enter into track zone under any circumstances.
  2. Stretching limbs through the protection fence is strictly forbidden/including into the pitlane security zone.
  3. Smoking beyond the specially designated smoking area is strictly forbidden.
  4. The stay of people under the influence of alcohol or sedating substances is strictly forbidden.
  5. Underaged persons are allowed to stay in the spectator area only if they are accompanied by a person of legal age, who bears responsibility for their compliance with security regulations of the Karting Track.


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